What is Calming Companion Connections?

Congratulations on this exciting period in your life as you look forward to becoming a grandparent, or have just become a grandparent. Have you thought of whether you will be called Nan, Gran, Pa, Pop, the options are endless! This course does not intend to be disrespectful in anyway – you have successfully parented for many years and grand parenting is an extension of this – with the bonus of handing the babies back to the parents!

Life in general, expectations, work, are all a little different from when you parented and your now adult children may need your assistance.  It is amazing how we embrace advances in technology and research with some aspects of our lives but then sometimes can be a little dismissive of other advances.

Even if this may differ to the advice and information you received when your children were born the Calming Companion Grandparents course is here to share with you, the latest evidence based research which new parents receive. This enables you to be supportive of the new parents and their choices.

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Aims of Calming Companion Connections

The aim is for you to have a better understanding of your children’s parenting perspectives and enable you to support their choices in a safe, calm and evidence based way.

Come prepared with a list of questions– if you’re thinking it, no doubt someone else is also! Equally important is an open mind – whether we agree or not – you’ll be setting the tone for a wonderful future as a grandparent.

Some of the topics we will cover are:

  • Grandparents guide to new babies
  • What’s new in breastfeeding
  • How to support the new parents in their transition to parenthood.
  • Roles and expectations of new dads
  • What grandparents need to know to keep their grandchildren safe – sleep, food, child proofing, etc.


Grandparents Weekend Workshops

A group based workshop for grandparents. The group runs on a Friday approximately 10 – 12pm.

Grandparents Individual Workshops

A private workshop held with grandparents in their own home. You decide what suits you best, either a weekend or 6 – 8pm evenings.

Cost is $125 couple

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Cost $200 couple

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