Image shows happy parents smiling at the camera holding their baby girl in the hospital.

Meet baby Lacey Mae.

The Calming Companion team love hearing about our clients birth stories. Maike and Brendan welcomed their beautiful baby girl Lacey Mae on 27 January 2020. These guys were incredible and handpicked a combination of Calmbirth® tools that worked best for them to assist their birth.

Read their story below…

“I couldn’t reflect more positively on our birth, the way our daughter, Lacey Mae, came into the world. We couldn’t thank Sue enough for her expertise in Calmbirth®. If it weren’t for Sue’s instruction we wouldn’t have had the positive birth experience we had. 

We were able to use a wide variety of the tools shared with us including the tens machine (wouldn’t want to tackle labour without it!) the birthing bath, double massage balls for pressure points, rebozo exercises, eye mask, a dark room and Brendan talking about our favourite place. Alongside, using a straw bottle to help keep hydration up and the various rocking manoeuvres shown to us. 

I truly believe the Calmbirth® course, preparation and ongoing practice is what helped us achieve such a positive birth story.

We are forever grateful!”

–  Maike, Brendan and baby Lacey Mae. 

Image credit: Brendan Creaser Photography