Paddy as a newborn and now at seven months old, November 2021.
Paddy as a newborn and now at seven months old, November 2021.

Birth story: Paddy Martin

I love hearing feedback from my clients about how they found my Birth Preparation class but I love hearing their individual birth stories even more! Spoilt for choice in deciding what to share but I couldn’t go past sharing Christine and Dominicks’ story that happened earlier this year (2021).

Christine wrote to say, “I just wanted to thank you again for all your guidance and advice on how to birth our little boy in a calm and positive way,”

Christine continued,

“Not long after Dom and I attended your Birth Preparation Class we had an impromptu Babymoon away at Chateau Yering (Dom could see I was starting to get emotional and a little over being pregnant with a month left to go. He was thoughtful and surprised me with the night or two away!). We originally were only going to go for the night of Thursday 16th April but once we checked-in we added the next night as well. We unpacked and went to dinner at the local pub. We came back from dinner and watched TV and showered then hopped into bed, ready to explore the area the next day.”

However, the exploring had to wait as Christine woke at 10.30pm to find her waters had broken. She continues,

“We called the hospital and they said to come in and be monitored. I had nothing with me –  no hospital bag (hadn’t even packed it yet as that was that weekends job), no patient booklet, not even a sanitary pad. I chucked a face washer into my undies and we headed to hospital.”

We drove to back home to our hospital where I was assessed and admitted. They started me on antibiotics and steroids straight away. Christine was asked to stay for 72 hours for observations. 

On the Friday they placed the CTG on Christine and she started to get mild cramping and tightenings.

Christine explains, “they offered me panedine forte and I accepted but it stopped the progress. Nothing much happened for the next two days except some more waters leaking.

On the Sunday they started talking about sending me home to then be induced in two weeks time when I was 37 weeks. Come midday on Monday 19th April they came to talk to me. They had been waiting on tests results so I assumed I was going to be told I was heading home (I had already packed all my bags up in preparation).

Unfortunately, this wasn’t the case. One of the tests had identified I was positive for Strep B so I needed to be induced that afternoon. It was all a bit of a blur from then on!”

Christine handled the situation like a warrior, she asked to have a tour of the Special Care Nursery as bub would be spending some time there. Her and Dominick then went to the birthing suite where Christine was hooked up to the drip.

Christine continues, “since I had to also be hooked up to a monitor to watch bub I was limited to on the bed or next to it. This meant I didn’t get to use the shower or walk around like I had planned but we made do.

I laid in bed until the tightenings began, which started at about 6:30pm, they became a bit more intense and I felt I wanted to stand. I then spent the next few hours standing, swaying and leaning on Dom.

The midwife said I should rest to conserve energy as I had been standing for about two to four hours. At this stage the ‘tightenings’ were getting pretty close together so I felt I couldn’t really rest in between them but I did sit in a chair. The doctor wanted to know if any waters were left so the midwife did a check and found I was 1.5cms dilated at about 9:30pm. The doctor said he was happy and if nothing else happens he would see us in two hours.

At that stage I started to transition to the “I can’t do this” stage even though I had been using my breath the whole time –  it started to become a bit unbearable.

The midwife shift changed over at 10ish and thankfully the new midwife could see I might need some pain relief. I started on the gas and by about 10:30pm I was feeling the urge to push. I pushed for about 20 mins and with a minor first degree tear we were able to welcome Padraic (Paddy) Joseph Martin into the world at 11:05pm.

Paddy spent a few days in the Special Care Nursery but I was able to feed him straight away. On the Wednesday afternoon we were able to have him in the room with me and we went home on the Thursday. He is perfect and you would never know he came a month before his due date.

A fabulous birth story and are so proud of Christine and Dominick. I asked the new parents what they found the most beneficial from the Birth Preparation Class and upon reflection, Christine had this to say…

“I don’t think I could have remained so calm and in control had I not completed the Calming Companion Birth Preparation Class with you as it helped me get through the shock and emotional roller-coaster of my waters breaking and being induced at 35 weeks.

The breathing and affirmations helped me get through journey of going from 2cms to fully dilated in under 90 mins! I even shared your tips with my (hospital) room mate!

Thank you again Sue for all your help and guidance to both myself and Dom. Dom remembered quite a bit from the class and was an immense support for me during the birth.”

We are so thrilled to have received permission from Christine and Dominick to share such a courageous and empowering birth story. They were able to overcome unexpected obstacles, make clear and informed decisions and as a result, birth their beautiful, healthy baby boy into the world.

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