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Two Calming Companion clients with their newborn baby Gabriel.

Birth story: Gabriel

Meet Gabriel

Things didn’t exactly go to plan for Marianthi and Evan but with the help of their Calmbirth® workshop, patience and teamwork they were able to birth their beautiful baby Gabriel.

Marianthi tells us her story stating,

“I ended up being induced with the balloon on the Saturday night and then having the Syntocinon drop on the Sunday morning.”  Marianthi was able to use the techniques covered in the Calmbirth® workshop to help her through this unexpected beginning to her birth story.

“Things didn’t go exactly to plan as this little one was misbehaving inside with meconium and we were getting abnormal CTG readings. In the end, I had an assisted forceps delivery in theatre.”

However, that didn’t stop Marianthi and Evan who were able to work as an incredible team, trusting the process, her body and the support team around the three of them.

“I can’t believe how the time has flown and we are now welcoming baby number two in 2021….and I am still singing your praises today!”

Image of new parents Marianthi, Evan and baby Gabriel
Marianthi, Evan and baby Gabriel