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The Calming Companion clients with baby Piper.

Birth story: Piper

We love this story from one of our happy couples who attended a Calmbirth® class with us.  Chloe and Ash demonstrated how working as a team is so important – and  incredibly powerful. Our workshops can offer soon-to-be dads the chance to gain the confidence they need to perform their vital role on the day of their babies arrival.

“It all started with a stretch and sweep on Monday and I lost my mucus plug Wednesday morning which gave me so much reassurance that she was ready to meet us and she wasn’t being rushed out,” Chloe said.

“We had our induction with the balloon on Wednesday night and my waters were broken on Thursday morning at 7:45am by our obstetrician Kelly Griffin (love her). The Oxytocin commenced and it hit me immediately even at such a low dose rate of 15. 

We used some of the tools discussed in our Calmbirth® class. We loved using the tens machine for most of the labour and also used the bath for about 30 minutes which was lovely but boy was it hot!

I tried using the exercise ball but my body wasn’t liking it so I switched to doing squats which worked better.

My partner (Ash) was amazing the whole way through it, making sure I had water, rubbing my back and being in charge of the tens machine –  he would boost when needed and read my body well.

We had our music play list setup which was perfect. Ash knew exactly what to put on and when to change, staying focused and our communication was the best. 

I used some gas for a brief period before I knew it was time to try pethadine to take the edge off. 

It was 24mins of pushing and then our beautiful girl was earth side, Piper Lee Samarakoon. Born 22 July 2021 at 1:32pm and weighing a healthy 3.26kg.

On reflection, being able to birth at the Bays Hospital was definitely a beautiful experience. Our obstetrician, Kelly, said it was a very beautiful calm birth and this made my heart explode.”

Fast forward to now and the new parents have a calm baby who feeds and sleeps for three hour cycles already. Chloe and Ash still use the Calmbirth® techniques as they parent.

Chloe commenting, “It was definitely the best investment we have ever made, connecting with The Calming Companion and having Sue facilitate the Calmbirth® class.”