Calmbirth® Workshops

Calmbirth® focuses on knowledge to help individuals or couples to create the best birth for them. This workshop doesn’t focus on how a woman gives birth instead we discuss how to create a positive birth experience.

Birth is a natural process which should be experienced fearlessly, calmly and with confidence.

Group or private workshops are available for women and their partner or support person.

Group Class: $550 per couple

Private Class:  $750 per couple

Still unsure if this is for you? Feel free to email any questions and we’ll happily answer your questions via phone or email.

The Calmbirth® refresher workshop is intended for couples who have previously attended a full weekend Calmbirth® workshop and wish to ‘brush up’ on practices before the arrival of subsequent babies.

This workshop enables clients the chance to review beliefs, knowledge and skills underpinning the Calmbirth® philosophy of childbirth education.

To arrange a refresher course, please contact us via

Group: $350 per couple

Private: $450 per couple

It takes time to adjust from being a couple to “overnight” becoming parents. 

I am here to help if you need. With many years’ experience in the postnatal field, you can expect from me evidence based individualised support.

There is no “one size fits all” so I will work with you to highlight your strengths and together we’ll develop strategies unique to your needs to enable your family to grow and learn together.

Some of the areas you may wish to discuss:

  • Advice on Sleep and settling your baby.
  • Feeding guidance and support.
  • Supporting you to trust your intuition, parenting wishes, belief systems, etc.
  • An opportunity to discuss your own physical and emotional needs.
  • Discussing your birth journey.
  • Referral to appropriate health professionals (if required and with your consent).

Cost: $275  – 3 hours of custom service. How this support is offered can be negotiated to suit your family. It may be x 3 hourly sessions over the phone/zoom, in person or a combination of both.  *Travel fees may apply. 

Each consult will be followed up with an email on topics we discussed, evidence-based suggestions and/or further tools and strategies for you to consider.

For bookings please email:

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