Calmbirth® Workshops

Calmbirth® focuses on knowledge to help individuals or couples to create the best birth for them. This workshop doesn’t focus on how a woman gives birth instead we discuss how to create a positive birth experience.

Birth is a natural process which should be experienced fearlessly, calmly and with confidence.

Group or private workshops are available for women and their partner or support person.

Group Class: $550 per couple

Private Class:  $750 per couple

The Calmbirth® refresher workshop is intended for couples who have previously attended a full weekend Calmbirth® workshop and wish to ‘brush up’ on practices before the arrival of subsequent babies.

This workshop enables clients the chance to review beliefs, knowledge and skills underpinning the Calmbirth® philosophy of childbirth education.

Group workshops run on Fridays  between 9 – 1pm and private classes can be made by appointment. 

Group: $350 per couple

Private: $450 per couple

The  Parenting Companion workshop gives new parents the tools they need to be the best parenting team possible.

Using evidence based research couples or those parenting solo, will be given skills, tools and strategies which encourage healthy relationships with their developing baby and to successfully prepare for their transition to parenthood.

Group classes: $250 per couple

Private classes: $350 per couple

The Calming Companion respects and understands many grandparents have successfully raised children before.

The  Grandparents Companion workshop provides an update on the latest evidence based research and safety tips when caring for a baby.

This workshop empowers grandparents to provide further support to soon-to-be parents using the same methodology.

Group classes: $125 per couple

Private classes: $200 per couple

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