Initial Breast Feeding Consultation


Our initial breastfeeding consultation is an evidence-based education session. The initial consult is developed to assist couples to understand breastfeeding and how it works. You will gain the skills required to create a positive feeding experience.

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This consultation focuses on helping individuals or couples understand what to expect in the initial stages of your breastfeeding journey. We discuss such topics as: how breast milk is produced, common myths about breast feeding, realistic expectations of yourselves and your baby to name but few.

You will learn:

  • How a woman’s body was designed to breastfeed her baby and how to work with this process on the day of her baby’s birth and beyond.
  • To examine beliefs about breastfeeding and how these beliefs can impact positively or negatively on your breastfeeding journey.
  • The skills of relaxation, breathing and observing your babies’ cues in relation to feeding.
  • The importance of bonding with your baby and how this effects your baby’s future life.
  • To work as a team and feel confident to take control of your own experience.


Key Benefits

  • Reduces fear, tension, and anxiety around breastfeeding.
  • Understand positioning options for breastfeeding and what correct attachment should look like.
  • Understand breastmilk and its benefits – how much does your baby need to grow and develop?
  • Learn the role your support person plays in your breastfeeding journey.
  • Couples develop a thorough understanding of how to read their baby’s feeding cues.



This is a private 1.5 hour workshop conducted online (via Zoom). I aim to answer all of your questions in a calm, relaxed and supportive environment.

Please note, we also offer subsequent Breastfeeding Support Consultations at $80 per hour. These can be conducted over the phone, video or in person (when safe to do so). 

Please contact us to discuss dates and times that are suitable via:

Call Sue:  0409 966 672