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Newborn baby, Lincoln. Baby number two for mum and dad.

Birth story: Lincoln

Second time parents, Jessica and Leigh share their story with us.

It’s the second birth for parents, Jessica and Leigh who have a daughter named Veronica.

Jessica and Leigh booked into our Private Birth Preparation Revision Workshop to help them prepare for the birth of their second baby. If this is something you’re interested in doing, you can learn more about our Private Birth Preparation Revision Workshop here.

Enjoy Jessica’s story below…

Newborn baby boy, wearing a white beanie and a blue jumpsuit with his eyes closed and his hand resting on his cheek.
Newborn baby, Lincoln. Baby number two for mum and dad.

“This is our second birth, we were fortunate to be blessed with a beautiful baby girl, Veronica the first time around. When Veronica was born everything happened so quickly (all over within two hours!).”

Jessica and Leigh had some drama leading up to the birth with many of Jessica’s family members (mum, dad and brother and his family) testing positive to COVID-19.

Jessica explains, “thankfully we kept testing negative which was such a relief and somehow we managed to avoid it. 

My waters broke at 7:45am. I spent next couple hours trying to get natural labour going. I was starting to get contractions but nothing consistent so they gave me a bit of occytocin at 10am. However, we had to turn that off pretty quickly as my body decided to take over in a big way!

I used the methods we talked about with The Calming Companion workshop, including;

  • Use of a TENS machine
  • Hypno breathing
  • Visualisation
  • Leaning over the bed and squatting – did that for a good hour!
  • Peanut ball 
  • And squat positions. 

About two hours later, I sat up on the bed in to a sort of squat position on my back and started pushing. This lasted for about 30 minutes, I was able to do this with no medical pain relief for the whole birth. I also used a mirror to watch the birth, I was able to pull him out and on to my chest myself which is something I really wanted to do this time. Total active labour was just over 2.5 hours. 

Lincoln was born a healthy 4.3kg and 51.5cm long. We had some wonderful skin-on-skin time and I was able to feed him too. 

I had a grade two tear and some labral grazing but healing really well. We are adjusting to a lovely little family of four now. 

The best part is Veronica loves him so much. She keeps saying he’s “soooo cute” and just fusses over him.” 

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