Why is my baby crying?

Crying is how babies let you know they want or need something – more cuddles please, no more cuddles please, too hungry, not hungry enough, too tired, not tired enough, feeling too cold, feeling too warm, pass me to another person, don’t pass me to another person – the list or reason can go on and on!

Sometimes babies cry for no apparent reason that you can decipher/determine – they just want YOU to hold them lovingly and securely

Crying is the only way your new baby knows how to communicate with you. Your baby doesn’t cry to annoy you – you CANNOT spoil your baby by responding when they cry. In actual fact, when you attend to your crying baby in a timely manner, they learn that the world is a safe and predictable place. You are teaching them that they can trust you and they tend to cry less.

When a baby cries for a long time and can’t be calmed, it can be very distressing to anyone. Crying can seem magnified when you, yourself are tired or stressed. If you’re feeling overwhelmed, put your baby somewhere safe and take a five-minute break. A little bit of crying won’t hurt your baby. Your baby can sense your increasing anxiety or frustration so they don’t feel as safe and secure; hence they may continue to cry.

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Toddler upset rubbing his eyes